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How Modern Day App Developers Making the Best Use of AI Technology

The process of mobile applications development is changing continuously and artificial intelligence is at the forefront of this evolution. As thousands of new apps are coming to the market every day, your app must stand apart from the competitors by meeting the rising standards of consumers. The idea of having a personal assistant to help tackle everyday tasks is attracting users everywhere. However, the potential for smart apps expands far beyond digital assistants.

Today, mobile application developers in Indonesia are using AI technology to drastically improve user satisfaction. Gartner anticipates 200 of the world’s largest companies will develop intelligent apps within the next year. Gartner also estimates that 6 billion connected “things” such as connected appliances, cars, wearables and smart devices will be needing support from Artificial Intelligence platforms by 2018.

Main use cases for applying AI in mobile apps could be identified as:

  • According to the experts of the mobile app development companies in Indonesia, AI technology to be integrated in the mobile apps is the fact that the smartphones know everything about their user. The devices can detect user’s location and provide the personalized location-based solutions for every query. Hence providing the app features that are designed for their individual needs and retain the users ultimately.
  • The reason why most apps fail within a year of launch is that they fail to provide relevant content to continuously engage users. AI powered apps make recommendation services simple and cost-effective. Indonesian app developers can better understand the user behavior and make necessary changes, alterations and additions in the app for better user experience.
  • Both the front-end and back-end app experience will become more personal with AI because artificial intelligence creates algorithms by teaching machines to process information like the human brain.
  • Artificial Intelligence could also help app developers in Indonesia better and faster detect bugs and crashes in the software using data from previous development cycles and learning from mobile app developers past mistakes. Identifying and solving problems with AI’s Machine Learning could take fewer steps and be more efficient.
  • Access to purchase history, behavior patterns and customer’s location makes the mobile world a perfect platform for artificial intelligence apps. The AI algorithm uses this data to facilitate more intuitive and personalized customer service.
  • The constant change in the consumer behavior is pushing mobile app development companies in Indonesia to build engaging apps with unique features. This trend is only going to continue, and developers will have to adapt to integrate AI technologies while creating apps.

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